At Restec Contractors Inc., we know that our customers expect the highest level of construction services. And, they expect us to do a good technical job. We deliver more than just quality installation. Through trust, confidence, integrity and the ability to anticipate needs, we build relationships with our clients for long-term success. Our people-our most important asset-are committed to exceeding customer expectations.

In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have begun surveying our customers each year on whether we did or did not meet their expectations. Our survey questions were developed through input from our customers and we now ask them to give us their input at pre-job, mid-job and post-job stages. All elements of satisfaction are covered from bidding/estimating, through field performance and safety, to the final closeout.

This is a new effort for us and we're excited about how it can deepen our customer focus and ability to provide best-in-class service. We want to be the best and our customers will provide the evaluation feedback we need to get there.